Split -Trogir 3 days/2 nights

    Trip plan: SPLIT- TROGIR 3 days / 2  nights


    1. day

    • Arriving to the Riviera
    • Accommodation *** or **** stars
    • The old Mediterranean and Dalmatian town was built by the palace of Emperor Diocletian at the end of the 3rd c. as his summer residence. It is a unique monument of ancient times and is protected by UNESCO as a valuable monument of world cultural heritage. The palace with its basements, the peristyle, the cathedral, the temple of Jupiter, the golden and silver doors. . . make this city unique!
    • City tour with local guide, tickets
    • Leisure
    • Back to the hotel, dinner, overnight

    2. day

    • Breakfast, departure for Trogir
    • The city-museum is considered one of the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic towns in Europe, founded in the 3rd century BC. not. with the arrival of the Greek colonists. Old Trogir is a UNESCO-protected cultural monument since 1997. It is situated on an island between the mainland and the island of Ciovo connected by bridges. It is partly protected by walls, and next to the cathedral and the portal of Master Radovan there are historical buildings: Kamerlengo Fortress, Sv. Marko, north and south city gates, Cipiko Palace, city lodge, city hall. . .
    • Visiting the old town with a local guide, tickets
    • Lunch at the Old Town Tavern, some free time
    • On the return visit to the Salon
    • The ancient Roman settlement of Salona from the 3rd and 4th centuries was one of the largest on the eastern Adriatic coast with a population of over 40,000. Even today, the remains of temples, an amphitheater, a spa, a cemetery, an early Christian church are visible, and they represent the most important archeological excavations of the Roman era from which all Roman roads led inland.
    • Back to the hotel, dinner, overnight

    3. day

    • Leisure, shopping
    • Lunch at the harbor overlooking the harbor
    • Return to hotel


    • Breakfast
    • Driving through Dalmatian hinterland for Imotski, panoramic view of Imotski field, arrival in Imotski, sightseeing of Fortress Topane, Blue and Red Lake
      Along with Imotski itself, a town in the Dalmatian hinterland, a true geomorphological phenomenon (in our region it is a karst, that is, a form created by the action of water on a limestone base), Red and Blue Lake, arose. Blue Lake is located in the northwestern part of Imotski and has a funnel shape. The upper edge measures 800×500 meters and is suitable for swimming. For Red Lake, everyone who saw it said it was a miracle. It is shaped like a well, and is named after the reddish steep cliffs along the edges of the lake that do not allow access to the water itself. The diameter of the lake is about 200 m, and the height from the top of the cliff to the surface of the water is also 200 m, while the water depth is even 300 m!
    • Lunch in the Eco Village
    • On the way back stop, visit the stećak tombstones and visit the Klis fortress
    • Arrival at hotel, dinner, overnight